Trendy bar stools for flexible and functional seating options

You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to unearth the perfect bar stool. We have amazing designs and styles right here at Furniture Galore. The right type of bar stool plays a universal role in a home. They can be used wherever additional seating is needed, for instance at the pool bar or on the terrace. They also provide the perfect seating option in the kitchen ata homework station or at the kitchen counter where guests can be a part of preparations and cooking.

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In addition to a variety of bar stool designs, Furniture Galore offers other sought after high-quality furniture items such as fabric and leather lounges, recliners, sofa beds and single dining chairs.

When shopping around for the best type of bar stool, these three guiding factors will help in selecting the perfect bar stools for your home:

Bar stools have become very versatile items in home furniture. No longer just seen in bars and pubs, the bar stool can be used as an effective furniture accessory to enhance the décor of a kitchen or dining space. There are many styles and coloursavailable that can fit into existing décor. Stools can be made from metal or wood or a combination of a variety of materials.

Wooden bar stools suit the traditional rustic look with some styles belonging to ultra-modern design styles. Wood is a highly popular material as it conveys a welcoming warmth.

Metal bar stools offer great versatility to suit numerous style trends. Opt for metal bar stools to complement contemporary spaces. Many metal designs are favoured for their adjustable capabilities, easy maintenance and their superior durability factor.

When looking for comfort, consider the age groups of family members who will be using the furniture. If small children are to be the primary users, bar stools with armrestswill be ideal for their protection and help in getting them on and off.Designs are also available with backrests and footrests for an extra level of comfort.

Do you have limited dining space and don’t want bulky dining chairs? Consider replacing them with bar stools that are designed to address the challenges of space.

Find your perfect bar stool design at Furniture Galore. We have 7 stores located across Melbourne city or browse our huge inventory online. We offer a fast 7-day delivery service. We also offer a convenient 36-month interest free credit facility so you can furnish your home without worrying about paying.

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Lulu Barstool

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Glen Bar Stool

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Larry Barstool

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Pearl Barstool

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Pedro Barstool

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Pete Barstool

$169.00 $139.00

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Rocket Barstool

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Rollo Barstool


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