Budget-friendly living room packages

You want to update your living room so it feels comfortable, inspiring, and unique to your family. It’s the heart of your home. Yet families worry that upgrading their furniture will be expensive.

Updates don’t have to be expensive. With high-quality, yet affordable, living room furniture, you can upgrade your living room on a budget — and make it look as amazing as you imagined.

In this guide, we explore living room design styles and match them to hand-picked statement pieces of furniture, so you can design the living room you’ve always dreamed of.

Furniture Galore offer high-quality, affordable living room furniture so you can update your living room furniture on a budget. 

1. Art Deco

Art Deco design is defined by its funky patterns, angular and geometric shapes, and modern materials like chrome, glass, and mirrors.

Invest in an art deco design:

2. Scandinavian

scandanavian style table

Inspired by the Nordic countries, Scandinavian design features clean lines and earthy materials. While Scandinavian furniture is simple and understated, it feels like a work of art.

You can get the Scandinavian vibe in your home by contrasting natural elements with a clean crisp palette. Consider pieces like:

3. Minimalist

Minimalism is inspired by the zen philosophy and aesthetic principles of the value of empty space and the absence of ornamentation. This plays out in living rooms with furniture featuring streamlined lines, limited detailing, and high functionality.

Here are a few budget-friendly minimalist items:

  • This New York Corner Lounge makes the most of your space. Like all pieces from Furniture Galore, it comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • Subtly add texture with this Moss Stitch Cushion.
  • Complete the theme with this Torino Lamp Table featuring smooth industrial stone and legs that match the couch.

4. Maximalist

Living room wall art

In stark contrast to minimalism, maximalist design celebrates excess, extravagance, and decadence. It breaks traditional design principles by mixing an array of diverse aesthetics and seeks to push the boundaries.

Make your living room stand out with these inexpensive statement pieces:

5. Boho chic

Boho chic living rooms express a laid-back lifestyle through a mix of bright colours, intricate patterns, and unique pieces of furniture. Anything goes with Boho, as long as you love it.

Here are a few varied ideas to get you started:

6. Coastal

coastal living room style

Coastal designs create a relaxed feeling inspired by an ocean getaway. Living rooms feature light, airy palettes along with cool shades of blue and green — like the sand and the sea.

You can create your own ocean getaway feeling with these pieces:

7. Industrial

Industrial design draws from the aesthetics of an urban loft or warehouse. You can give your living room an industrial vibe by using a neutral colour scheme derived from wood and metals.

Here are a few curated pieces for an industrial living room:

Payments plans that don’t break the budget

Furniture Galore offers alternative payment methods,  Afterpay and Open pay, so you can create flexible payment plans. Instead of paying for your furniture all in one hit, you can spread your payments out over a longer period, manage your budget and set up your living room today.

Ready to build an amazing living room on a budget? Select from these high-quality, yet affordable, living room furniture items. 

As a family-owned business, Furniture Galore is proud to help you create a stunning and comfortable living room on a budget. Available all over Melbourne, you can explore our entire range in-store or online.