Ownside to living in a country like Australia and enjoying near perfect sunny weather all year around is that when the cold does eventually hit, it hits us harder than most. This winter we are experiencing severe plunges in temperature with some areas having snow and storms and severe weather warnings being issued in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland.

When the degrees start dropping and the days get shorter, it’s only natural that we retreat to the warmest and most comfortable areas of our homes – the bedroom. Fuelled by both the cold weather and winter-themed television shows such as Game of Thrones, more and more Australians are looking to create a winter bedroom that stands out. By incorporating the following winter style trends into your bedroom you can create a cocoon that is stylish as well as comfortable and will keep you going through those long winter nights to come:

  • Try Texture:

A bedroom suite which features one fabric from top to bottom is not interesting to look at, touch or feel. It’s easy and affordable to add texture to your bedroom décor by simply replacing a duvet cover or pillowcase with one that incorporates fake fur, a chunky knitting pattern or even a touch of shimmery silk. If your budget has more leeway, you can also opt for a signature furniture piece in distressed, textured wood that invites you to run your hands over it.

  • Go Rich:

Winter is a time when richer colours, textures, and styles are ideal, and when it’s snowing out what better time to style your bedroom like a rustic log cabin? By sticking to dark wooden furniture bedroom suites, you can easily emulate chic login cabin décor. You can also opt for using warm jewel tones such as turquoise, sapphire, and ruby in your bedding or curtains, or even on your walls. After all, Dulux has declared 2016 as the year of Moody Shades.

  • Double Up:

Nobody wants to spend time in a cramped or cluttered bedroom. To keep this area looking simple and feeling serene, opt for accessories to a bedroom suite that serve more than one function – something that Domain.com.au has declared to be a Top Ten Décor Trend for 2016. Most bedrooms could benefit from the addition of a functional and attractive bedside table. It helps to keep your bedtime necessities at bay while providing a space for a lamp or to rest a cup of cocoa on.

Following the tips provided will help you ward off the chill this winter and will have you looking forward to turning in on a chilly winter night. Even if temperatures continue to plummet, you will be too busy admiring your new bedroom to notice it!