Walking into a messy and cluttered bedroom leaves you feeling drained of energy, doesn’t it? Having enough adequate space for all your clothes, shoes, accessories and other valuable items is the easiest way to keep a bedroom in ship-shape. Furniture Galore stores in Melbourne stock a wide wardrobe selection to provide you with convenient, easily-accessible storage to maintain a tidy and well-organized bedroom.

How often have you heard the complaint “I don’t have enough wardrobe space for all my clothes”? Chances are, quite often. Ready-made wardrobes provide the ideal solution. Purchsainfg is one thing. More important is knowing how to make the most efficient use of the space in your new wardrobe.

Make efficient use of wardrobe space with these top tips:

  • By organizing well you can use all of the space offered by a wardrobe.
  • If the design and style of the wardrobe allows it, double the hanging space by installing a second hanging rod above or below the main one.
  • Use cascading hooks and tiered hangers for more hanging space.
  • Make good use of deep shelves by storing out-of-season items behind folded clothes.
  • Scarves and belts can be hung on the racks on the inside of wardrobe doors.
  • Install extra shelving or shoe racks to keep shoes organized.

Don’t let the lack a storage space take over your bedroom and your life. Are you often forced to use mismatched socks when you can’t find the matching pair?  Or is your bedroom more like a black hole where things go missing especially when you really need them? Find what you need when you need it with ready-made wardrobes from Furniture Galore. You can find our stores all over Melbourne. We offer convenient space-saving solutions for any bedroom in a home. Reclaim your sanity and bring harmony back into your life with our great storage-friendly tips.