Make The Most Of A Small Space With The Right Bedroom Furniture

It’s difficult to make a small bedroom work. By definition, you’ve got fewer options to work with. If only you had more space!

But don’t despair. There are plenty of wonderful ways to make meagre square-meterage work in your favour. To help you make the best room possible, we’ve compiled some small bedroom ideas. You’ll be stunned by what you can do with the right furniture.

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Maximise the available floorspace with multi-use furniture

Some homes are so tiny that it’s impossible to fit all the furniture you want inside. You try arranging and re-arranging your things, but there’s never sufficient floorspace for a wardrobe, a bed and a couch. There is a solution for the woes that spring from having a small bedroom: furniture that has multiple purposes.

  • Don’t have space for both a sofa and a bed? Get a sofa bed. They’re surprisingly comfortable, and come in a range of different styles and designs.
  • A chest of drawers can take up much needed room. Save space, and invest in a bed base that you can use for storage.

Keep your house tidy and it will seem bigger

People with small houses can’t afford to have a floor-robe. With so little space, even the tiniest mess can get in the way. But, with the right furniture, it’s much easier to keep everything clean.

  • Putting your clothes away doesn’t have to be a tiresome chore. Make tidying up fun with a beautiful tallboy.
  • Replace your floor-to-ceiling mirror with a dresser mirror. It takes up a similar amount of space, but you’ll have extra shelves.

Go vertical with your storage

small bedroom furniture

A tall bookcase not only looks great, but it’s a perfect way to maximise the available space. And, there’s no rule that says a bookcase just has to be for books:

  • Do you have a bunch of treasured knick-knacks, but nowhere to put them? A globe, a statue, or some souvenirs, perhaps? Pop them on a bookshelf and free up some space.
  • If you’re a budding Imelda Marcos, and have nowhere to put your mountain of shoes, buy a bookcase and use it as an enormous multi-storey shoe rack.

Pick the right sized bed for your small bedroom

As much as we’d all rather be sleeping in an enormous four-poster king-sized bed, it’s just not practical when you’ve got a small bedroom. That’s alright, though, because there are a plethora of singledouble, and queen-sized beds which will look and feel fantastic in your bedroom.

Of course, if you absolutely must have a king bed, and you’re willing to make the spacial sacrifice, you can do that too.

You don’t have to constrain yourself to light-coloured pieces

It’s true: light colours make a space feel bigger. Bright, light colours allow the eye to move freely, and give the psychological sense that a space is larger than it really is. But that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard, with white carpets, white walls, white curtains and white furniture. You want to live in a comfortable home—not the music video for John Lennon’s Imagine! 

Even if you have a tiny little house, feel free to invest in one or two pieces of dark-coloured furniture — a leather couch, for example, or a big wooden bed-frame. If they’re outstanding quality, they’ll pop as feature pieces. Then, should you feel as though the space is getting a bit cramped, compensate with lighter elements elsewhere in the room.

Don’t be afraid of bright colours

Small spaces can get a bit dreary and sad, so liven up your bedroom with some bright colours. You could buy some bright sheets, or some lively cushions, or both. Better yet, you could buy a bed frame that has neon-coloured lights, to really spark some excitement.

With the right bedroom furniture, even the smallest bedroom can feel big and exciting. Check out our range of bedroom furniture online, or come and have a look for yourself in-store.