Bedroom furniture doesn’t begin and end with your bedframe or headboard. After all, you don’t just sleep in your bedroom.

You might have a few gadgets around to help you relax such as a noise machines or radio. You’ll need a place to store spare bedding when you’re not using it and a place to keep your clothes and shoes. And of course no bedroom is complete without a nightstand or dresser where you can store your health and beauty items, makeup, medication and more. Make the right choices, and you’ll even be able to match all these items to a single colour and design scheme.

If you want to truly enjoy your Master Bedroom and make the most out of it, then you need to make sure that you have at least some of the essential furniture items. Here are two you can start off with:

  • BEDSIDE TABLE – this is the perfect place to keep the important items you need to access at night, such as spectacles, that book you read before bed, your mobile phone, a glass of water and alarm clock. It also allows you to use a lamp, so that you can wake up at night and see around without disturbing the person lying next to you. A bedside drawer is versatile as it can have everything from three pull-out drawers to none at all – whichever best suits your needs.
  • TALLBOY – Built-in bedroom closets don’t accommodate smaller items of clothing that need to be folded or stacked and not hung. A tallboy will store underwear, belts, jewellery and more. This option lets you pull out your drawer and see everything at a glance, which you wouldn’t be able to do when hanging clothes in a closet. The top of the your tallboy also provides the perfect place to display photos, decorative items and other mementos you want to display in the privacy of your sleeping quarters.

These are just two of the many items you can include in your Master Bedroom to help you declutter, organise and make a better use of the space. You can also find both these items – and many more Master Bedroom essentials – at Furniture Galore, for less.