When time gets scarce, the first thing to get sacrificed is sleep time. Whether it be running your own business or raising a child, sleep is often less of a priority than other daily tasks, even though a lack of sleep can have negative consequences on your health. While there’s little you can do to make extra time in a day to get more done, you can make sure that every second in your bed is well spent and not filled with tossing and turning from either you or a partner. Here’s how to pick the perfect size bed for the best possible sleep.

  • If you’re single…

When you sleep on your own,your only limitation on bed size is how big your bedroom is, as well as what your budget is. That being said, don’t forget about height. Many taller individuals aren’t aware that longer length single or double mattresses are available to prevent them from uncomfortably dangling off the end of the bed when sleeping.

  • If you’re a couple…

Many couples assume that a double bed will provide adequate space for two adults, but for most couples it simply isn’t enough. If the space of your bedroom allows, a queen size bed would be a much better choice for your needs, giving you enough space to cuddle up or sleep separately – depending on what both of you want.

  • If you’ve started a family…

Parents of young children will find it common for little ones to share their bed in their first few years of life. A king size bed is a great option for this time. If you have more than one child (or even pets) you could even opt for a super king bed so that everyone has their own corner in which to stretch out.

Pro Tips:

  • If you’re sharing a mattress and are a light sleeper, choose one with motion isolating properties. This means that movement in one section of the bed will be limited to that area and the other person won’t feel it.
  • Sharing a bed with toddlers or pets? Invest in a mattress protector in case an accident occurs.
  • If you want your mattress to retain its shape and last for longer, make sure to rotate it every three to six months.

With these great tips in mind, find your nearest store today to see our range of mattresses and beds.