Getting some beautiful pieces of retro furniture is a great way of upping the fashion factor of any room in your house, but how do you know what type of retro furniture is the right choice for your home? We asked some fashion forward experts for some advice about what you need to focus on when buying retro furniture.

  • Get some inspiration

Before you check out the furniture stores in Melbourne, it’s best that you get a good idea of the styles you like best and the ones you don’t like as much. If you’re unsure where to look, remember that the internet is your friend. You could take some inspiration from old school movies that catch your eye or check out how fashion icons decorated their retro homes. Alternatively, you could just browse through some online catalogues from local furniture stores.

  • The era is important

So you’ve found a style you like, but there’s still some work that has to be done. If you’ve fallen in love with a 60’s themed style, remember that furniture of this era is often only available in certain colours and styles. What that means is that even though you love the piece, it might not fit in with your existing furniture. Then again, you might be happy to mix-and-match your styles.

  • What space are you working with?

The architecture of your house will also have a major impact on whether you should or shouldn’t get a specific piece of retro furniture. If you have large windows, consider getting retro furniture that shows straight lines that complement the room. More intimate spaces, like a den, often do well with furniture that has softer outlines, accentuating the comfortable and relaxing nature of the room.

  • Colour is cool, really cool

If you’re still having trouble getting the perfect piece of retro furniture, start small. A single piece of retro furniture, often in a vibrant colour, is a great way of adding a splash of life to a room that is, for example, decorated with darker shades of furniture.

If you’re still not certain which type of retro furniture will best suit your home, or you want to explore some styles, check out your local Furniture Galore store. We have one of the most extensive selections of retro furniture in Melbourne, and our staff are more than happy to help pick out that perfect piece for your home.

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