Is your coffee table merely just the place where you put your drinks down? Do you use to store magazines and remote controls?No matter how you use it, it’s a great piece of living room furniture that can bring the entire space together.

Here are a few tips to think about regarding the decorative side of your coffee table.

  • Buy a new one

We’re discussing decorating your existing coffee table, but if your table is just a pain to look at, perhaps buying a new one altogether may be your best option before you get all creative and excited.

  • Scented candles

Adding scented candles by the rule of three, in which you place a candle on one side, in the middle and then on the other side – or place them together, but have one large one and two small ones flanking it. They come in various sizes, but a big candle usually works very well.

  • Flowers

Placea vase filled with flowers – not fake ones, though – at the centre of the table, large enough to showcase the flowers, but small enough not to overpower the presence of the table.

  • Books/Magazines

Books and magazines are always a nice way to get any conversation started, but they are also a necessary feature to use when you invite guests over and need to “buy” some time. Pile them up in a corner or spread them out in any fashion that appeals to you.

  • A bowl of “things”

Here is where you can really go all out! A glass or ceramic bowl can be used in so many ways to add character, style and an element of curiosity to your living room. Centre the bowl on your coffee table and think of trinkets that would be of interest. Random items, keyrings, pencils, etc. Or, better yet, why not fill them with jellybeans or curious stones or shells you can collect from the beach?

If you’re looking for a new coffee table or some extra advice on how to make the most of your current one, visit our range online or head into your local Furniture Galore store.

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