The months are flying by and it’s almost time to bid the warm weather farewell and welcome in winter. While the plunging temperatures might not appeal to most Australians, it brings with it many great ways to pass the time such as curling up near a fireplace with hot chocolate or cuddling with loved ones on the sofa while watching blockbuster marathons. If you’re wondering how to make your summer-friendly sofa more suited to winter relaxation, here’s what you can do:

  • Add throws

Throws come in a variety of textures, weights and patterns and they can be decorative, double as a light blanket for use on the sofa – or both!In terms of fabric and textural choices, you should opt for heavyweight knits or faux fur for your choice of materials. These will immediately cosy up even the most minimalist looking sofa and invite people to linger longer in comfort.

  • Add Cushions

Cushions are convenient as most have removable covers that can easily be swapped out for another due to changes in season. Take winter’s arrival as an opportunity to remove, wash and pack away your summer cushions and replace them with ones more suited to winter. Not sure what to get? Use the guidelines for purchasing a throw as advice on weight, texture and fabric.

  • Pick warm colours

Did you know that most colours have both warm and cool tones? While certain shades (such as blue) are notoriously associated with summertime, there are many other options worth visiting. An easy way to tell if a colour is warm is to look for red, yellow or orange undertones. If it has grey, blue or purple undertones, it’s a cool shade and better suited for cooling a room in warmer months.

  • Choose ambient lights

Winter cosiness comes from warm and cheerful lighting. You don’t have to swap out your lightbulbs to accomplish this though. Add ambient lampshades or fairy lights in warm bright white and keep these on instead of your primary lights. This will create a romantic atmosphere perfect for watching movies or sitting around a crackling fireplace.

With the right accessories, you can make any sofa or couch evergreen, giving you value for money from summer through to winter with less effort than you think.

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