There is no denying that one of the most popular interior design movements of recent years is the industrial look, which focuses on displaying materials that many other design principles go out of their way to hide. Instead, this style is all about showing the wood, concrete, pipes, steel and other materials to add a raw feel to the interior of buildings.

If you feel you’d love to apply this design feel to your home, but are unsure how and where to begin, we’ve listed some of the most prominent features of the design movement you can consider.

Industrial lighting

It’s important to remember that industrial style is all about showcasing a raw design feel, but always doing so in a thoughtful way. In terms of lighting, this means you should use industrial lighting fixtures in rooms that have a sparse feel. You should focus on industrial pendant lights, or lights with steel shades or even aluminium bulb cages.

Wood and metal surfaces

This style just loves showcasing the beauty of worn wooden or stainless steel surfaces. If you have a room that will benefit from more natural-looking earth or neutral tones, getting an industrial designed table as a centrepiece with some metal chairs will be a great way to add an industrial feel to the room.

Repurposed and vintage furniture

The industrial design style is also heavily focused on using repurposed and vintage factory pieces to create furniture options. In terms of converted furniture, think about getting a table or chairs that use pipes for legs, instead of wood. A vintage tool case or any other repurposed vintage factory pieces are great opportunities to add a non-structural industrial feel to any room.

If you decide to add an industrial twist to your home, always remember that this style lends itself best to a no-frills, raw and down-to-earth feel. If you have a wooden floor or concrete surfaces, you can easily make them stand out by adding any of the industrial elements we discussed above.

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