Tips And Tricks For Luxe Interior Design On A Budget

One of the highest compliments in the English language is ‘that looks expensive’. We like hearing people say that about our clothes, cars, watches, and our interior furnishings, too. Who doesn’t want to live in an expensive-looking home?

Even just looking at a picture of a pricey property can activate the pleasure sensors in the brain. That’s why there’s a magazine called Better Homes and Gardens, but not Dilapidated Hovel Monthly.

But you don’t need mountains of money to make your home look ritzy. With the right furniture and some interior design know-how you can make your home look luxurious without breaking the bank. To help you out, we’ve put together the following tips to make your home furnishings look expensive (even when they aren’t).

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Get rid of anything that looks cheap and tacky

Sometimes, less really is more. If you want to make your home look expensive, you should start by getting rid of things that look cheap.

  • That mangy old couch you picked up from somebody else’s hard rubbish? Put it back out by the curb where it belongs.
  • The scuffs and scratches on your dining room table? If they can’t be sanded out, then get rid of it.
  • Have your rugs and cushions accumulated indelible stains? Throw them away.

Pick colours and styles that match

blue sofa for your living room

There’s something to be said for eclecticism but, as a rule, matching designs tend to look more expensive. A mishmash of different tones, styles and patterns can make your home look like a shoddy student share house. Instead, pick colours and styles that match.

Buy your pieces as a suite or a set

When you buy furniture as a set, it makes a room look more ordered. For example:

  • A living room that features a sofa and two matching recliners will look more thoughtfully arranged (and expensive) than three different pieces.
  • Having identical chairs around a dining room table will look far fancier than a jumbled assortment of different ones.
  • A bed base that matches the side drawers will add a sense of cohesion and refinement to your bedroom.

Hang framed art on your walls

art frames for your house

An art gallery would never display a multi-million dollar painting by Blu-tacking it to a wall. Curators know that if you want a picture to look fancy, you have to frame it.

Hot tip: If all your art is already framed, take your decor to the next level by buying frames in bulk.

Keep your house tidy

Opulent people keep orderly homes. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Queen of England doesn’t rifle through a floordrobe to find her outfit for the day. Invest in some storage units (and then actually use them) to make your entire house look better off.

Make the most of sales

Keep your eye out when sales are happening, and you’ll be sure to snag a bargain. It’s a great way to get expensive-looking furniture and stay within budget.

Invest in a TV storage unit

Ten years ago, having a big flat-screen TV was the ultimate status symbol in interior design. Today, however, it’s hardly even noticeable: everybody has one.

Still, there’s still a way to spruce up that corner of your living room: a TV unit. Not only do they look great, they’re also a fantastic way to organise all of your electronic cables. A tangled mess of cords looks cheap and sad. Hide them away in a TV unit to make your entertainment system look more expensive.

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