With the scorching summer heat now well underway, you may have wondered how these hot rays might be affecting your furniture. It’s not an unusual question to ask yourself because the sun affects many things, and if your furniture is left outside or if the curtain is left open, the rays could be causing damage, such as fading away the original colour.

Here is how the heat affects your furniture and some tips to help you prevent any damage:

  • How heat can affect furniture, including artwork

Furniture, including paintings, will expand and contract according to changes in temperature and humidity. You may even notice surface distortions and flaking paint on your artwork. Also, high humidity can bring on condensation and in turn, mould, which can lead to staining and decay.

For your furniture, as humidity rises in the summer, the wood absorbs moisture and expands again. This contraction and expansion can lead to chips or flaking of your wooden furniture.

  • What can be done about this?

The temperature and humidity in your home should be kept as constant as possible; that is, around 15 to 25 degrees, and 55 to 65 percent humidity. Use an air conditioner consistently in the summer and a humidifier throughout the winter to maintain a consistent and stable atmosphere.If you don’t have an air conditioner, try to use your ceiling or standing fan as much, and as close to your furniture, as possible.

  • What to do when all else fails?

When all your best efforts fail, and you start noticing a change in your furniture from the heat, it might be a good idea to call in the experts such as furniture restorers. You could also call a furniture company and ask for any advice.

It’s important to keep your furniture in a good condition during hot months. Not only will it provide ongoing comfort and design in your living space, but it will also save youfrom having to go out and regularly buy new pieces. Just be a little wary this summer and try not to let the temperature in rooms throughout your home become too extreme.

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