Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Recliner Chair

A house isn’t a home until you’ve got your own recliner chair. After a long day’s toil, nothing beats the comfort of kicking back and enjoying your very own recliner. It’s the perfect place for:

  • Reading a book
  • Watching television
  • Having a snooze

Or even just putting your feet up, looking out the window, and watching the world go by.

However, actually choosing a recliner can be stressful. You have to consider many factors, like:

  • Affordability
  • Comfort
  • Practicability
  • Design
  • Fabric
  • Positioning

And that’s just for starters. To help make the process simple and easy, we’ve put together the following guide to finding the right recliner chair.

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Consider the different kinds of recliner chairs

Before you start addressing aesthetic questions — like the colour, style and fabric of your recliner chair — you should start with the practical considerations.

There are many different kinds of recliner chair. Depending on your circumstances (the layout of your home, and your physical capabilities) some recliners might be more suitable than others. Which of the following is right for you?

  • Manual recliners: These recliners are operated without electricity and have three seating positions: sitting, sitting with legs extended, and lying back with legs out. There is a lever on the side that is manually operated to move between positions.
  • Swivel recliners: These work just like a manual recliner, but they have the additional feature of being able to swivel around. This kind of chair can face in any direction for 360 degrees of comfort.
  • Electronic reclinersWith an electric-powered recliner, the chair can be raised or lowered with the mere push of a button. Some models also boasting a USB recharging port. The automatic movement of the chair is especially convenient for those who are older or living with a disability.
  • Recliners with a separate footstool: Many recliners have legs that rise up and out from the base. Others, like the Arizona recliner, have a detachable footstool. Not only is it chic, but it can function as another little seat in your living room if necessary.

Think about the space in your home when choosing a recliner chair

Recliner sofa chairs

You could just choose a piece of furniture and then ‘make it work’ in your home. But there is an easier way. Think about the space you’re working with, and work backwards from there to pick a recliner that will fit. Questions you might consider include:

  • How accessible is your home? If it is an apartment, and only accessible through many flights of stairs and a series of narrow doors, will transportation be an issue?
  • How big is the living room? Will there be sufficient floor space for a recliner chair? Would you have to remove other pieces of furniture to make room?

Consider how the recliner chair will look in your home

We think all of our recliner chairs look fantastic. But, depending on your personal sense of style and the furniture you’ve already got, certain recliners will look better than others in your home.

  • Style: If you’ve got a minimalist, modern living room, choose a recliner that’s going to fit in. If, however, you’ve got more colourful and eclectic tastes, there’s a recliner for that, too.
  • Fabric: If you’ve got pets or small children, keep that in mind when selecting the fabric of your recliner. Leather, or leather-type fabrics are stain resistant and easy to clean, meaning they’ll look lovely for longer.
  • Colour: Many of our recliners come in different colours. Reflect on the other tones in your living room — the walls, curtains, other furnishings, and any pieces of art you might have — and pick a colour that matches.

Comfort is king when choosing a recliner

Style and practicability are necessary considerations, but one thing is even more important: comfort. You’re going to spend lots of time in your recliner, so choose one that feels phenomenal.

How can you know for sure if a recliner is going to be comfortable? There’s only one sure fire method; pop into one of our stores and try it out for yourself.

Whether you’re looking online or in store, nobody knows recliners like our team at Furniture Galore.