For previous generations, purchasing a first home was something that happened early and after marriage. Times have changed. Many Australians are putting off these major life decisions until later in life and property ownership is happening later for most people. That means that the average Australian can expect to spend a significant part of their lives renting apartments or even sharing living spaces with family and friends.

When home ownership finally happens though, there’s the pressure to purchase everything needed at once which is expensive and unnecessary. In fact, when it comes to investments like furniture, you should start growing your collection early so that by the time you finally settle on a permanent residence you have a complete set ready and waiting to be moved in.

Recent research by HomeStart Finance reveals that the number of first time home owners under the age of 40 is dropping rapidly with the number of first time home owners in their 40s and 50s set to rise. This means that people have more time to accumulate assets like major appliances and furniture. In fact, starting to plan your ideal home setting, style and furnishings while you are still renting can help you plan for how you will decorate your future home.

The trick here is to make sure you are going for quality over quantity. It is better to invest in a chair or sofa that is of a high quality than to purchase an entire cheap set at once. Signs of quality pieces include neutral and dark coloured materials in hardy fabrics. The furniture in question should also be made of solid wood with a strong frame that has been jointed together and not glued. A firm base makes for strong and hardly furniture that you’ll be able to pick up and move from location to location with little wear or tear.

This approach is one that takes time, but when you complete your collection of high quality lounge furniture you’ll be glad you have something long lasting to place in your new home, instead of a series of cheap replaceable items that will need replacing in a few month’s time.