Suite ideas, suite deals and a “suite’er than suite” range!

Alright you get the picture; it’s all pretty suite around here… so today we’re bringing you some tips and considerations to keep in mind when purchasing those all-important lounge and bedroom suites!

Lounge suites

1. The most important step when furnishing your home – taking measurements and knowing how the space is going to be utilized. Don’t just include width and length, measure the height as well. Think about what else is going into that room, and how accessible everything will be once it’s furnished.

2. Will it fit through access points? There’s nothing fun about buying furniture and realizing upon delivery there’s no way to actually get it into the house!

3. Style – choose a style that compliments existing fixtures and furnishings… unless you want it to stand out from the rest! Styles include contemporary, classic, modern or traditional.

4. Shape and size – just like us, furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. If you have a large family you might find a modular couch more suitable, where young couples might opt for a “love-seat”. Consider the size of the room too – a huge modular couch that takes up nearly an entire room is both odd and impractical wouldn’t you say!?

5. Fabric – If you have kids or pets that tend to use your furniture as a playground, you might want to choose darker colours and a more resistant fabric. Never fear, darker colours are both sleek and tasteful, and you can easily “spice it up” with colourful cushions, eye-catching ottomans or soft throws.

6. Durability – replacing furniture frequently soon becomes bothersome and costly. Frankly, it’s entirely unnecessary and a waste of both time and money. If you want furniture that not only looks good, but stands the test of time, browse through our extensive range of “galore-ious” suites!

Our lounges can be small enough to fit into your snug office/study or big enough to accommodate sleepovers! All our suites are designed to complement your home while providing maximum comfort and style. And with added features such as hi backs, low backs, fixed seating, loose cushioning, timber feet, chrome feet – we think it’s safe to say we have all your lounge suite needs covered!

Bedroom suites

1. Choose the right bed for you. In most bedrooms, the bed is the largest piece of furniture and as such they become the focal point of the room. Start by finding a bed that matches the current “theme” of your room – be that modern, rustic, contemporary or romantic.

2. Suite, suite comfort – it’s all well and good for the bed to look good, but it’s got to deliver when it comes time to snooze! Ensure you choose a mattress that provides the right kind of support so you get the best sleep possible.

3. Storage – bedside tables, tallboys and wardrobe accessories are all crucial elements to keep your bedroom free from clutter. As they say – “declutter your space, declutter your head”. Sounds like another great way to improve the way you sleep!

4. Accessories – we all love accessories, whether it’s fashion, car, or home and garden. When it comes to the bedroom, you can easily accessorize with cushions, throws, rugs and bed linen. The beauty of these accessories is that you can change them whenever you like for a whole new look.

Regardless of your style, needs and wants, Furniture Galore has a “galore-ious” range of lounge and bedroom suites and accessories that tick all the right boxes. So what are you waiting for? Check out our products to find your “suite” new furniture!

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