Everyone’s home has a wardrobe that started out organised but over time slowly became a place to dump odds and ends. Now you probably open it, take one look at the mess inside and walk away. By doing this you’re giving up a perfectly good storage space and putting up with misplacing items you could need. It’s time to take your wardrobe back by organising it from scratch and make sure your new wardrobe stays organised from the moment you start using it. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Give it a purpose – Decide what your storage space will be for. Will you store spare bedding or clothes? Toys? Tools? Avoid cramming everything under the sun into a single space and give each wardrobe a theme.
  2. Make sure you only store things you use – if anything you’re storing hasn’t been used in at least a year you should get rid of it, donate it or give it away. Seasonal and occasional use items are good for storage.
  3. Fix or replace – if you’re keeping items in need of TLC or fixing, decide whether the price and time taken to restore the item is worth it. And if you are planning on doing repairs yourself, be realistic as to whether or not this is likely to take place.
  4. Introduce zones – make sure that items that you’re more likely to use (such as a spare blanket or jersey) are easier to access and reach than items you’ll only use once or twice a year (like Christmas decorations).
  5. One in, one out – If you have a tendency towards collecting unnecessary items, try and implement the ‘one in, one out’ rule. This means that for every item you add to the storage, one needs to be removed and given away or used.

Not only will you make your life easier by organising your wardrobe this way, but you’ll also extend its lifespan by only storing suitable items in it and not exceeding the weight it can comfortably carry. You’ll also find that you have much more storage space than you thought initially.

If not, you could always purchase another!