So you have a small bedroom. One of your biggest challenges may be, “How on earth do I furnish it properly when there’s so little space?” However, we’ve come up with some tips that may convince you to cherish your small space rather than wanting to swap it for a larger bedroom.

Before we go into some clever tricks you can use to make the most of your small bedroom, we want to ask you one simple question: What is the thing you do most in your bedroom? That’s right…you sleep in it. Therefore, does it really need to be all that big?

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your small bedroom:

  • Get organised

The biggest mistake you can make is to be unorganised. There are wonderful, useful tools you can use to make your small bedroom more spacious and more liveable. If you have a closet, consider placing a plastic three-drawer chest inside where you can store anything from your underwear to your stationery. Also, there are definitely certain objects around that you neither need nor use. Get rid of them to declutter and create more space for yourself.

  • Give the illusion of space

There are some handy tricks you can use to make your pokey bedroom appear larger than what it actually is. We suggest adding bright lighting to your bedroom to make it look brighter, as well as hanging your curtains at the highest point; that is, at the point of the ceiling. This will give the illusion of a larger room. Also, consider hanging a large mirror on one of the walls, because it is also a great way to make spaces appear larger.

  • Furniture & layout

Just because your bedroom is small, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you must buy tiny pieces of furniture. For example, an elongated night stand light might add more dimension to your bedroom. Also, if you get rid of unwanted furniture and add a single couch, with a nice, colourful picture frame behind it, you can get away with it even in a small bedroom. We also suggest hanging shelves to put your knickknacks on, giving way to the floor space you need. Keep it simple because simplicity is the key to maximise space in a small bedroom.

So there you have it. Simple tips to make the most of your limited bedroom space. For more information or if you’re looking for the right kind of furniture for your small bedroom, visit your local Furniture Galore store today.

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