One of the essential pieces of decorative furnishing in a well-designed room is a designer rug. In addition to providing sophistication and elegance to a room’s décor, these rugs are also incredible decorative investments. Many consider these high quality designer rugs as works of art in addition to their great functional value. We offer an exciting range of Manchester wool rugs at our Furniture Galore stores in Melbourne. Upgrade the look of your home with one of our designer rugs at an unbelievably affordable price.

Irresistible timeless appeal

It is no wonder that trendy rugs remain a very popular choice with many Australian homeowners. Apart from the distinctive look they provide and the incredibly high quality of these rugs, fashionable carpets offer a unique timeless appeal. They are quite suitable to complement classic contemporary interior styling as well as the Bohemian style with its rich colours and vibrant patterns.

Manchester wool rugs are popular for their:

  • Exceptional quality and workmanship that offers long lifespan
  • Varied choice in designs and colours
  • Versatility as they can be placed on the floor and hung on walls depending on individual preferences.

If you have always wanted to own your very own magic carpet then a Manchester wool upmarket rug is an excellent choice. While you may not be able to ride it, these rugs do have the magical power of being able to transform the look and atmosphere in a room. The rug can be a focal point offering the maximum impact of exclusivity and glamour. They also make for great conversation starters.

Are you planning on giving your home a makeover and bringing in a little more sophistication with a high quality rug? Stop by one of our furniture stores in Melbourne and let our range inspire you.