Buying a bed can be a baffling experience. Walk into any bedroom furniture store in Australia and you’ll be presented with dozens of options. The salespeople are there to make a sale, not recommend what’s best for your family’s needs, and even if you think you know what you need, you could be mistaken. Furniture Galore has been assisting Australian families find the right bedroom furniture for years, and have compiled a few tips to help you on your bed purchasing journey.

Firstly, you need to select the correct mattress and make sure that your bed frame is compatible with it. Your choice of mattress is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and it should never be rushed as it will determine the quality of your rest for years to come. King sized beds are good for the tall; while Queen sized beds will suffice for everyone else. Consider your bedroom’s dimensions – make sure your bed doesn’t take up too much space or hinder your movement in the room.

Buying an entire new bedroom furniture set is expensive and not always necessary – after all, you could be happy with your existing one. If your bedroom requires an update, an affordable alternative to replacing your furniture is purchasing a headboard. This updates your room without breaking the bank, and many headboards come padded and upholstered in many colours for your comfort.

What about kid’s beds? Most children are too small for anything larger than a single bed, and share a room with siblings due to space constraints or the fact that they aren’t ready to sleep alone yet. Many parents consider bunk beds in these situations as they optimise space and are fun to use, but there are safety concerns to consider.

By using the following guidelines, you should be able to walk into any bedroom furniture store from Melbourne to Geelong with confidence. If you still aren’t sure what your family needs, visit your nearest Furniture Galore for advice. Buy a mattress, headboard or bunk bed, or even impress your friends with our bestselling Ledella bedroom suite. At Furniture Galore, you’re sure to find something that suits family and your finances.