If you’re planning on selling your home you no doubt have done your research and have put together a checklist of things you need to do before officially putting your house on the market. Bathrooms and kitchens need to be renovated, ugly carpets must be stripped and faded paint should be freshened up. That takes care of underlying ‘bones’ of your property. But what about its interior?

Believe it or not, how you stage your home and place your furniture can have a massive effect on how quickly your property gets sold and what it sells for. Research shows that the longer a home sits on the market the further its asking price drops – and that staged homes are sold quicker than non-staged ones and for more than the asking price.

So if you are opening your home to viewings soon the following staging tips could ensure your home gets sold faster and for more than anticipated.


Viewers should be able to see as much of the dimensions of your home as possible so that they can imagine their own possessions in it. Minimal furniture allows the dimensions of your home to shine through. You can also place your furniture in a way that highlights certain architectural aspects of the home, like a fireplace or skylight.


The architecture of any home will adhere to a single style, be it modern, romantic or vintage. Does your furniture reflect this? Many of us accumulate odds and ends and most people have at least one random chair or lounge suite piece in their home. Replace these odd pieces with accent chairs that better suit the style of the home or get rid of them entirely. And don’t forget about your bedroom furniture too!


Moving house is the perfect time to start afresh. You might want to consider entering your new home with a better coordinated and synergistic set of dining room, living room and bedroom furniture. Not only will it look good to others but it will also make a house feel more like a home – and help you to stage it in the future.