Decorating your home for Christmas is a commontradition and something most Australians look forward to all year long. But when space is scarce (and so are funds) making your home ready for Christmas festivitiescan be a challenge.

When you have a small living space, having a large Christmas tree and ornaments is impractical. These items are costly, often running into hundreds of dollars. Considering that you’ll only need Christmas decorations for a month or two you might want to consider an option that’s more affordable, saves more space and less stressful for everyone involved.

Making your furniture the centrepiece of your Christmas decorations creates a warm and inviting environment that adults and kids alike will love. No more spending hours untangling tinsel and lights or braving the crowds at the shopsto get decorations.

Here are few ways to bring in the Yuletide cheer using your furniture:

  • Add ambient lighting with battery operated fairy lights. These can be draped around the coffee table and across the back of dining or living room chairs. As they are not plugged in they use less power and as they are shorter they are less likely to tangle or trip.
  • One of the most important parts of this season is the food, so invest in a solid table that can seat a crowd. In fact, a miniature tree used as the centrepiece on your dining table is a charming update to the traditional Christmas tree.
  • Pick a colour theme and integrate it into your table runners and pillowcases. This is a great way to update your existing lounge suites and accent chairs without going overboard. Once Christmas is over you can simply swop them out for something neutral and store them in your laundry cupboard until next year.

Following the tips above will allow you to celebrate a relaxed Christmas and pay more attention to what the holidays are really about. Just make sure you have your essential focus furniture pieces in place so that you can work around them.