With an overwhelming amount of home décor and furniture options available to most Australians, choosing what to spend on and what to save on can pose a challenge. After all, furniture will need to complete a functional and aesthetic purpose. Plus, you’ll be looking at and using these items for the next ten years at least. So what’s worth making an investment in and what can you afford to spend a bit less on? When it comes to sofas, you should definitely consider splurging out. Here’s why.

There are certain pieces of furniture that will see much more wear and tear than others (this means they’ll need replacing sooner than others will) and there’s nothing you can do about it. We’re talking about dining tables, which you’ll spill coffee or food on, toss your keys over or sit at with your laptop.

Here you can purchase a basic neutral table as a staple, and it will be able to work with any interior decoration style – provided you change up any accents or accessories you place on or around it. Dining sets tend to come in square, neutral lines with simple legs so you don’t need one to make a statement either.

On the other hand, you get items that will act as central pieces in a room. While they will be functional, they will also need to be decorative. These items include sofas.

The structure of a sofa is much more complex than other items of furniture. Most sofas (regardless of size and seating) require a combination of frames, spring systems and foam core cushions, as well a cover that can be easily removed or dry cleaned.

Sofas are usually the focal point of any lounge area, taking up the most space. It’s a place where you will relax and watch movies and have conversations with guests, friends and family. Whether you’re a first time renter or a family living in a large home, you’ll likely spend a significant amount of your time on your sofa, so it’s well worth investing in a quality one that looks good and is comfortable too. And you might even find that you can invest in a sofa without breaking the bank too.

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