Every year the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (Hilda) survey is released that tells us how much housework we are doing as Australians. It shows that we still spend a significant amount of time cleaning up after ourselves and our children every single day, and much of this involves ‘picking up’ activities such as putting discarded clothes and other items back in their places. While some of this can be attributed to laziness and a lack of time, some if it could be that there is simply no space to pack things away, which can lead to them being left out, lying around. Encouraging children to clean up after themselves starts at a young age, and the best way to do this is to make sure they have suitable areas of storage in their bedrooms.

Every bedroom needs a decent set of furniture beyond the obvious bed, nightstand, and built-in cupboards. When you have to purchase an additional place of storage, confusion usually occurs. While you can browse through a catalogue or visit a furniture store and easily pick out and purchase a matching base, headboard and bedside table set, the names and choices associated with bedroom furniture can be confusing. You get tallboys, lowboys and slimboys. What are the differences between each and what is the best one for your family and their storage needs?

  • A tallboy is a chest of drawers that sometimes includes a wardrobe. Usually consisting of 4 or more drawers, this piece of furniture is perfect for storing clothing items, which can be neatly folded away.
  • A slimboy is a double chest of drawers similar to a tallboy but significantly narrower. It comes in handy when storage room is needed but limited space is available. It can slot neatly into a corner of any room.
  • A lowboy is shorter than a tallboy and slimboy. Lowboys usually have 3 drawers, each of which are deep and allow for bulky items to be stored. They tend to be broader than tallboys and highboys giving you space to store or display things on top of it.

An attractive and modern tallboy, slimboy or lowboy can fit in easily to any home’s decoration scheme while making sure clothing, toys, shoes and more are kept out of sight. Purchasing one could signify the start of less work for you and a lifelong habit for your family where they clean up after themselves.