People can be snobbish about many things and there is a common perception that the cheaper more easily available and accessible something is, the less value it has. This perception applies to everything from fashion to furniture, and the misconception that affordable furniture must have something wrong with it still persists. People think that factory-made furniture that comes in many varieties and is easy to purchase is going to disappoint them – but they could not be more wrong.

There are two common misconceptions that tend to pop up regarding cheap furniture stores – one regarding the store itself and one regarding where it gets its furniture.

It’s true that in the past large chain stores were guilty of pushing mass produced, low quality, forgettable items onto unsuspecting consumers. This is no longer the case. Australian consumers are more empowered than ever with information and choices, and retailers have had to adjust.

Australian Consumer Law has also evolved and now retailers who fail to comply can find themselves out of business or paying hefty fines. It is in everyone’s best interest then that all furniture items being sold by your average furniture store are of a good structural quality and free from major and minor defects.

Consumers tend to have incorrect perceptions regarding how mass produced furniture is actually made. Many people cling to the belief that purchasing handmade furniture cut from actual tree pieces is the only way you can get a long lasting, quality furniture item.

The reality is that recent developments in fitting furniture pieces together and improved methods of wood finishes have contributed to a higher quality of furniture overall, and engineered wood with a wood veneer can look as good as and last as long as more expensive and authentic wood items. You would be surprised to find that many vintage furniture items are less able to withstand the wear and tear of daily life (like bumps, spills and stains), in comparison to items created for home use by manufacturers.

So the next time you pass by your local affordable furniture store, don’t dismiss it immediately. It could have something you need at an affordable price and with better quality.