Accent chairs bear the name for a reason. They’re an accessory to your living room or bedroom that help complement the décor of that particular space. They serve a function that is practical, providing something to sit on, as well as adding a glimmer of sophistication.
Remember that accent chairs come in an array of colours and fabrics, so it’s important to take your time and choose the one that suits your home best.

Here are helpful tips on what you can do with accent chairs.

  • The Lonely Corner

Some Melbourne homes have corners that people have no idea what to do with. Let’s use those corners to our advantage! Add a couple of accent chairs and place a small round table between them when you want to have a casual drink or cheeseboard, in style and comfort.

  • The Office

The office generally includes hardy chairs and monotone colours. There’s zero finesse and zero tolerance for the creative side of being in a space for one third of your life. So, to soften things up a little, why not add an accent chairto provide a more relaxed and comfortable setting. It will brighten up the space like never before.

  • The Entrance

No one sits in the entrance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an accent chair, or two, there to greet your guests as they arrive. It takes away the echo of a hallway and can fill an empty space.

  • The Bedroom

Oh, but of course, how could we forget the bedroom! This is the quintessential place for the accent chairs. Two decadent chairs placed in a sweet spot will encourage conversation. Morning coffee with the newspaper, or a sneaky late-night snack, it can have an array of uses.

  • The Dining-room

We all know that accent chairs were not build for dining-rooms. A dining-room table is long, and with chairs, takes up a lot of space, correct? However, by adding an accent chair close by it may encourage your guests to move to a different section of your home and engage in a better, more intimate space for discussion.

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