Modern reclining chairs are significantly upgraded models compared to those of yesteryear, no longer manufactured as bulky chairs pushed to the far corners of a room due to their questionable visual appeal.

Today’s recliners offer high durable quality, high contemporary appeal and are available with a whole host of ‘extra’ features to enhance comfort, like the Apollo recliner with bonus ottoman or Demarion recliner with optional lift-lid console, both available from Furniture Galore.

Considering there is no one-size-fits-all type of reclining chair we thought to provide you with a quick guide on how to choose the best reclining chair for your home.

Look for quality build

Like it or not there will be more than one family member who will be enjoying the comforts of the reclining chair. This makes durability an important factor if your wish is to have an extended life of service. More than this is that the nature of these chairs – their reclining capabilities – places a fair amount of stress and strain on its construction.

Establish the chair’s quality by:

  • Checking for resilient cushioning ideally made from polyurethane foam.
  • Opt for durable upholstery fabric.
  • The easy manoeuvrability of footrest mechanisms.
  • Frame construction preferably made from hard wood.
  • Are there any squeaks that may be a sign of loose parts?
  • Have heavy-duty screws been used in construction? These are a good indicator of quality, be wary of small or plastic screws.

Test drive your chosen recliner

There is only one way to establish whether a recliner is the right fit for you – by testing it out for ultimate comfort in various sitting position options. Find out how well the chair accommodates the contours of your body including height and weight and smooth and easy reclining motions.

Thanks to their supreme comfort value and added benefits in promoting wellness, reclining chairs are ideal seating options for almost any room in the house: lounge, TV room or home theatre entertainment room or cosy reading nook. Know the available space you have to accommodate a recliner as models can come as single chairs or in a suite. Find the best range of recliners at Furniture Galore. We offer great quality chairs at prices you will love. Our stores can be found across Melbourne.