There’s no denying that Scandinavian design has been a driving force in the world of furniture styling for some time, but why exactly is that? We’ve decided to take a look at the history and reasons as to why Scandinavian design is so popular, especially in regards to the impact the movement has had on furniture design.

A quick history lesson

Scandinavian furniture design started to see prominence in design circles around the mid-20th century, and brought a whole new appreciation and focus on functionality and affordability as opposed to the more opulent styles of the day. The style is known for its emphasis on leaner furniture, which normally also has longer legs than other furniture styles.

Why it’s so popular

The thing about Scandinavian furniture is that it works really well if you want a more simple, minimalistic feel for a room or your home, but don’t want to sacrifice on quality or feel that might lead to you having to redesign a whole new room just for one piece to fit in.

The style also lends itself well to more utilitarian rooms, for example, your home office, seeing as most pieces are made to improve your day-to-day life. Another great thing about the style is that it’s design principles are often based on contrast, meaning dark or light woods are often contrasted with more natural material colour.This means it can add a dash of life to rooms that are normally decorated to be entirely functional.

Robust but still adaptable

This style of furniture is also famous for its design quality, and pieces are known to last for years. This comes in handy when you consider how popular Scandinavian furniture remains relevant even now in 2017. It also means that your Scandinavian furniture will certainly add to your home for many years to come. High on function, low on fuss.

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